Preschool at the River

In this class, students are being prepared for Kindergarten. We strive for them to feel confident in their knowledge and abilities to succeed. Through the ABeka Curriculum they practice letter and number recognition, learn the beginning stages of reading with letter blends, introduce a foreign language with vocabulary words each day and how to write letters and numbers on their own.


– Establish independent skills with writing and crafting utensils

– Feeling confident in academic comprehension skills

– Becoming comfortable in an Elementary school style classroom setting.


– Through our “Character Development” time during the day, we focus on how to navigate through different scenarios children their age face. For example: What to do when a friend takes your toy or when you are out with a parent or guardian, should we stay close or wonder off?

– Going on a few field trips to that mirror what they are learning in class.

– Encouraging them to have fun, but be mindful of others.


– Learning how to write and spell their full name.

– Working on Letter recognition and comprehension, through games and worksheets.

– Learning to count to 100, comprehend and recognize numbers 1-20.

– Explore other languages by learning a new Spanish word a day and learning to count to ten and name the colors.

– Boosting confidence in color and shape recognition.

– Our teachers plan by using the ABeka Curriculum and the Chesterfield Brigance.

Hours: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
2206 E Hundred Road,
Chester, Virginia 23836